How to use the amazing feature Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio Code is one of the most active project on Github for Microsoft developers community. VS Code spread around the developer world like black powder and brings for a lots of different skilled professionals and amateurs a best of bread code editor.

Event if the project brings a lot of new feature on a monthly based release, something there is a new feature that provide far more power to developers, and Live Share one of them.

Live Share was released back in 2018 ( to provide universal and secure collaboration between developers even working on different operating system at the same time, only one thing care : your code and whatever it is C#, Angular app, Go, etc !

Live Share is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux !!!!

Python-based IntelliSense

The addin provided on Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code can only share terminals between developers to make them able to debug live ! Isnt’t it awesome ?!?

You can show the introduction video from Jon Chu :

In short, how does it work ?

The process is quite simple : 1. Install 2. Get a Microsoft account (if you don’t laready have one) 3. Create and join a session 4. Code with your buddy 🙂


The installation process is fairly simple : go to the Live Share extension homepage =>

Create a new session

1. Click on the ‘Live Share’ button in the left panel :

2. Click on ‘Start collaboration session’ in the Live Share panel :

3. Click on the ‘Share Now’ button

4. VS Code will ask you to connect to your Github or Microsoft account y opening a web window

5. Live Share will provide you a link for the collaboration session, copy it and send it to your friend / colleague by email or Teams.

6. Wait for your friend to join the session and … code, debug, execute ! Whan a guest join a session, you’ll be notified and start seeing different colored dot associated with file modified in live.

Microsoft also release a Live Share Audio plugin to enable developers to exchange by voice and Arjun Attam also make a

chat addin for Live Share that provide you with a more deep collaboration level experience.

In a context of remote work collaboration, this addin is an excellent asset for your team ! Try it !

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